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Otterly Cultural

The otters of Cork City, European Capital of Culture. 
The existence of carnivores in urban areas suggests that clean rural habitats are not needed to maintain these carnivore populations. While this is certainly true for a scavenger species such as the fox, is it also true for otters?


Why Nature Reserves?

Why are Nature Reserves needed?  How can the County Nature Trust help?

We are always keen to hear of potential sites where there may be an opportunity to develop a nature reserve. If you know of any such site, please get in touch.

Spotlight on the Hen Harrier

The Hen Harrier is one of the most distinctive and spectacular birds of our region, yet a considerable decline has occurred over the last 25 years or so. Why?  And why are potential SPA designations, designed to protect hen harriers, being perceived as an economic threat?
Have you seen a Hen Harrier in your area?  If so, do let us know!

Buzzards in Ireland

In these days of widespread species decline, it is refreshing to hear a good news story.  One such example is that of the recovery of the Buzzard population in Ireland. 


The County Nature Trust would like to hear of any sightings of Buzzards in Munster, particularly records of birds during the Spring and Summer months.  If you have seen Buzzard in your area, drop us a line.

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