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Some Tips For Drawing Animals and Birds
Step 1  A good tip is to imagine what the bird or animal might look like if it were made up of circles!  Draw one circle for the head and another circle for the body.  Use a light pencil so that you can erase the circles later.

Step 2  Now carefully mark in the eyes, ears, nose and mouth (or beak) as well as the legs, wings, tail and any other feature you see.  Take your time to judge where exactly these features appear inside and around the circles which you have drawn.

Step 3  Now it is time to draw the outline of your bird or animal.  You will use the circles to help guide you along.  If you wish you can use a pen or marker so that the outline stands out.  Don't forget to trace over the eyes and other features inside of the circle.  Once you are finished you can erase the circles which were drawn in pencil.

Step 4  All that is left is to add colour and detail to your drawing.  Have fun and remember - Practice makes Perfect!

We would love to put your drawings up on the site for everyone to see. 
So, please post your work to us. 
Don't forget to include your name and age.

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