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About Us

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to see our counties rich in wildlife by protecting and positively managing species both common and rare for the betterment of nature and the enjoyment of the public. 
We are committed to sustainable development in a means supporting the biodiversity of nature.  We shall achieve our mission by acquiring and managing reserves for wildlife and promoting awareness of wildlife isues through communication, research, education and training.

The County Nature Trust (CNT) is a limited, non-profit company (No. 358404) established in 2002 with the objectives of acquiring and/or managing reserves for wildlife and by promoting awareness of wildlife issues through communication, research, education and training.
The membership of the CNT is presently made up of people with diverse backgrounds and experience dealing with local community groups, public bodies and the media with regard to conservation issues throughout the region.
Furthermore, we have a wealth of academic knowledge and expertise and a thorough grounding in habitat and environmental management.

Our Logo
The Gatekeeper has been selected
as the Logo of the County Nature Trust.  A striking and effective logo,
its name is also highly symbolic. 
Hopefully it will act as a reminder
of our commitment to
HELP wildlife in our area by
Habitat management,
Education of the public,
Locally focused work and a
People friendly approach

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